Green Peak Research

Mission Statement

Green Peak Research focuses on Solutions that make the US Energy Independent. Our Mission 
is to improve education, understanding, sales and investment in the U.S. to drive America towards Energy Independence using all solutions that are available and cost effective. While Countries around the Globe develop their own technology and strategy, we must drive development and sales of all U.S. based Alternative and Renewable Fuels as well as improve our Energy Efficiency solutions. These actions will help create millions of long term Sustainable jobs here in the United States and keep the hundreds of billions of dollars we spend each year on Oil, home in  US growing our Small and large businesses.

Michael Gaudet is a Business Development professional with an Operations Management background that has assisted him in over 17 years of success building solutions that make Companies more efficient and profitable. More efficient in their use of Raw Materials, Time, Labor, Capital, their Supply Chain and Footprint. These solutions included Supply Chain Management, ERP, B2B and Asset Management. Michael has a track record of success at Emerging Companies and large Corporations and working with Executives and Project Teams in the Fortune 1000 & SMBs.

Michael’s passion is to find Companies with Alternative Energy products and solutions that can help make the US energy independent and create good paying, sustainable jobs here in this great country. Green Peak Research primary focus is on the Shale plays and the Natural Gas Markets, Renewables, Energy Management Software, and the Energy Efficiency space.


Please contact me if you would like to discuss your Company’s Solution, or a Sales & Business Development opportunity.

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